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Create a Memoir…

…and embark on a journey of discovery.

Many people contemplate a memoir but find it difficult to get going. My parents often talked about getting round to one but it all seemed a bit daunting. I wish they had. It is one of the reasons I have created a guide to make getting started on a memoir easy and the process enjoyable. My systematic approach creates a simple roadmap to retrace your own journey. Our memories are unique to us and, arguably, define who we are. A memoir is the best possible way to safeguard and preserve them.

David Rolfe

David Rolfe is a (semi)-retired BAFTA-winning documentary maker. He has produced and directed over 100 programmes featuring the lives of people from all walks of life including prime ministers and royalty. See his BFI page here.

What is a memoir?

A memoir is not, necessarily, an autobiography - a chronological account of your life. It is more a recollection of the bits that - for diverse reasons - have meant most to you and can be retold, ideally, as stories about events, people and places. The guide will soon get you in the swing of recognising these as its various techniques stimulate the neurons of your memory circuits.

Life's events can carry so much momentum that the opportunity to reflect on them is sometimes lost before the next event or experience comes along. A memoir is also an opportunity to indulge that reflection with the benefit of a greater perspective and, hopefully, the wisdom that experience can give. In short, creating a memoir can be a voyage of self-discovery, a pleasurable journey you take at your own pace and in your own time. Using the guide, you will also find it can create its own opportunities, if you wish, to reacquaint yourself with people and places.

Who is it for?

For the reasons above, it is primarily for your benefit. The next set of beneficiaries will be those near and dear and some, perhaps, yet to be born. In some way they will have been shaped by what happened in your life and they will be fascinated to learn as much about it as they can. And, who knows? Sometimes a memoir can take off and find a life of its own and a much wider audience. Our generation has seen - and had to cope with - more changes than any other.

Don't forget the pictures

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As ever, they can be worth even more than words, but not just to the viewer. My guide provides techniques to use simple reminiscences over old photos and images to set off the trains of thought that will bring your memoir alive. Once started, these trains build up considerable momentum. You will not be lost for the words to go with those pictures. And now is the time to make sure that any of the vintage slides, prints, cine and video in your collection are brought into the digital age. Most of it can be and it is an area of support I can provide.

Special offer during this introductory period only

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Available now, the personalised 43-page interactive guide - printed, bound and within its own deluxe folder designed to store associated stills and other material. Comes with support package saving you up to £65! Treat yourself or present it to someone whose memoir you would like to read one day.

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The Perfect Gift

You or your recipient will get the personalised guide as described above priced at £50 plus up to 3 hours of telephone support (normally £20 per hour) with stills, scanning, coaching, editing and any general assistance required. All for just £45! Plus P&P at £4.99 (UK only) Gift wrapped £4 extra. You save £65. A limited number at this price. Order today.

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Contact me directly for bespoke memoir projects, film and video assignments of any kind and simple websites like this one.

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